Live with common sense

Vitaya is the preeminent practical monthly. It covers every domain of daily life: fashion, living, cooking, etc. but it mainly focuses on health, food, exercise and new themes such as consumer information, budget tips and the law. Vitaya gets that expertise from external coaches, all of them professionals in their field, who guarantee reliable information. Every month Vitaya offers its readers unique benefits in the form of discount coupons. This offers advertisers an opportunity to reach a female readership with purchasing power.

Key facts

  • 203,000
  • The practical monthly
    for women
  • 75,000 copies

Reader profile

Vitaya inspires, informs and coaches rational, busy, contemporary women who consciously enjoy life but also want to make conscious purchases. With a selectivity of 183 in its core target group (women 25-44 years old) Vitaya magazine has a very high-quality profile.

Reach more!

  • 82% female readers
  • 73% Purchasing Managers
  • 183 sel.idx. women between 25-44 years old
  • 70% of readers like to go shopping (Sel index: 130)
  • 34% exercise several times a week (Sel index: 117)



Vitaya sizes

You want your ad on the cover, page 2, 3 or 4? A specific location on the inner pages, e.g. prima or secunda posta or a right page? No problem! In that case we charge a supplement.


2/1 type area: 416 mm W x 266 mm H
type page*: 426 mm W x 276 mm H
2 x 1/2 page type area: 416 mm L x 125 mm H
type page*: 426 mm L x 135 mm H
1/1 type area: 203 mm W x 266 mm H
type page*: 213 mm W x 276 mm H
1/2 width type area: 203 mm W x 125 mm H
type page*: 213 mm W x 135 mm H
1/2 height type area: 94 mm W x 266 mm H
type page*: 104 mm W x 276 mm H
1/3 width type area: 203 mm W x 88 mm H
type page*: 213 mm W x 88 mm H
1/3 height type area: 61 mm W x 246 mm H
type page*: 61 mm W x 256 mm H
1/4 type area: 94 mm W x 125 mm B
1/4 height type area: 44 mm W x 256 mm H



For reservation deadlines and delivery of materials, view the publication calendar.


  • Between 8 and 4 weeks before publication we charge 50% of the insertion fee.
  • Four or less weeks before publication we charge the full insertion fee.
  • You cannot cancel cover pages, prima posta insertions or special formulas

How to reserve?

  • You can reserve your advertising space per e-mail. The earlier you reserve for the themes, the better we can take into account your placement wishes.
  • e-mail:


Special formulas

Attached inserts


  • Ask your contact on time
  • Six weeks before publication you must send 50 representative examples or samples to: De Persgroep Advertising Magazines (mention magazine in which you want to reserve space) - Brusselsesteenweg 347 - 1730 Asse (Kobbegem)
  • If it differs from the technical file, please contact us.


  • Delivery:4 weeks before publication
  • Delivery creative formulas:Habo Da Costa, attn. Jean Reijnen, Marconiweg 3, 4131 PD Vianen, THE NETHERLANDS


Materials that are not print ready

De Persgroep’s DTP specialists can lay out your ad. You can provide the individual parts of the ad digitally via your Account Manager. In most cases this concerns photos, logos or separate texts.

The ad will be laid out by dPP Graphics.

Permitted software for the different components:

  • Photoshop CS5 (minimum 200 dpi, JPEG)
  • Illustrator CS5 (EPS, convert fonts into letter contours/vectors)
  • Word, PowerPoint and Excel only serve for delivering texts
  • Three days to make the materials print ready (send material to e-mail address of dPP contact)

Delivery via email : (limit = 8 MB)

For questions related to delivery and/or technical printing characteristics of our printing presses you can contact the Prepress Team on +32 (0)9 353 4818.