Volkskrant magazine

Editorial profile

Volkskrant magazine is published every Saturday with Volkskrant. It is perhaps the only magazine in the Netherlands that is read with equal enthusiasm by men and women because of the interviews, the personal stories and the unique photography, but also because of the fresh, journalistic lifestyle pages on fashion, food, design and homes.

Reader profile

Volkskrant readers are highly educated, interested, critical and right at the centre of life. The magazine is read by both men and women, young and old, with an emphasis on 35-to-50-year-olds in the highest affluence category. Prosperous consumers who feel that quality of life comes first.


 Reach812,000 readers


Broad and high reach
Volkskrant magazine is read by both men and women. Readers are affluent and prepared to pay more for sustainability and quality. With an advert in Volkskrant magazine you can quickly achieve a high reach.


Added value in a media plan
With Volkskrant magazine you benefit from Volkskrant’s high Saturday reach and the glossy properties of the magazine. With its media plan that includes lifestyle and opinion pages, Volkskrant magazine generates quality added reach of both men and women.

Rates 2013

SizeFC rate
2/1 page€ 25,466
1/1 page€ 15,249
1/2 page€ 10,369
1/4 page€ 4,270

For more advert sizes, rates and a surcharge overview, please see contact us.

Material submission specifications

Our printers’ production process is entirely electronic and our electronic standard for advert files is Certified PDF (cPDF).
www.PrintArena.nl gives you all the technical information you need to format and submit print media files.

All adverts in Certified PDF (cPDF) format
We ask you to submit all your adverts in cPDF format. If a different type of file is submitted, there will be a charge for the conversion into Certified PDF.

Certified PDF (cPDF) is the standard format for submitting electronic adverts in the Netherlands. The joint market parties chose this submission format with the aim of avoiding any problems during submission and processing. A PDF has to be processed in order to convert it into a Certified PDF. During processing the PDF is checked to see that it meets a number of criteria. The checks have been defined in a profile and if the PDF is approved, it is referred to as a Certified PDF.

File name
In order to be recognised, the submitted material must include the following characteristics in the file name:

  • the reservation number provided by de Persgroep Advertising;
  • the abbreviated name of the title(s) in which the material is to be placed (VK, VK Banen, AD, TR, HP);
  • the placement date;
  • no punctuation marks and other symbols in the title. Only underscore (_) and full stop (.) are allowed for the extension.

Submission methods

Submission through WAM!NET
If you reserve your advertising orders with de Persgroep Advertising (dPA) in Amsterdam, you should submit your advertising material through WAM!NET.

Logging on to the WAM!NET account
If you already have a WAM!NET account, you can immediately log on at persgroepadvertising.nl/sluittijden and start sending in your material. The link opens the WAM!NET CSP (Content Submission Portal) so that you can send your advertising material directly to de Persgroep Advertising.

If you don’t yet have a WAM!NET CSP account, you can request one on our site. After you have entered the requested information, you will receive an e-mail with all the important log on details as soon as possible.


Submission by e-mail

If you reserve your advertising orders directly with AD (Rotterdam) or Het Parool (Amsterdam), you can also submit your advertising material by e-mail:

AD: advertentiesad@persgroep.nl
Het Parool: advertentiesparool@persgroep.nl

Technical specifications

Calculation of technical costs
The Dutch newspapers can charge technical expenses for processing electronic adverts that do not meet the Certified PDF standard. Our newspapers also require Certified PDF (cPDF) as the standard electronic format. For analogue advertising material or electronic advertising material in a format that is different to cPDF, the technical costs are € 65 per advert.


To ensure correct placement, an example corresponding to the Cebuco guidelines (ISO 12647-3) must also be submitted. If the right example is not provided, the publisher cannot be held responsible.

Electronic material (partial material)
If you are using the opportunity to have your advert formatted by de Persgroep Advertising, you can also supply parts of the advert electronically. In most cases, these are photographs, logos or separate texts. To ensure that your material is processed adequately, the following conditions apply:

File formats

  • JPG for photographs and other images (compression up to 80%)
  • TIFF for photographs and other images (with PC preview)
  • EPS for logos and labels (with embedded fonts or letters in outline)
  • DOC (Microsoft Word) for text

Submission by e-mail to: app.dtp@persgroep.nl


For digital photographs there should be enough pixels to guarantee the appropriate quality. For a normal format (100%), a resolution of 220 dpi is required. A high resolution only results in bigger files and does not give a better reproduction in the newspaper. Images that are later used as line art should be higher than 200 dpi. The scan resolution for these should be between 600 and 1,270 dpi.

For more information and specific issues about creating advertising material, please visit www.PrintArena.nl.

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