programmatic buying

Programmatic buying - Belgium

Automated purchase

Programmatic Buying is the automated purchase of digital advertising space. This purchasing process runs via Trade Desks. They know the size of the impressions, which domain the impressions are located on, which browser is used, which cookies a user has on their PC, etc. Using their own algorithm, the Trade Desk calculates whether these impressions are attractive to buy, and if so, at which CPM fee. Then it places a bid during the auction.


Programmatic Buying ensures that De Persgroep’s network becomes more accessible for more advertisers. Hundreds of Trade Desks are active in Belgium and the Netherlands; they bid with tens of thousands of advertisers. The winning Trade Desk (with the highest bid) can place the desires statement on De Persgroep’s network. This process takes less than 200 milliseconds per auctioned impression.

To participate in Programmatic Buying we work with these conditions.

Advantages for you

  • always the most attractive impression
  • always the most honest price
  • even easier campaign optimisation

Programmatic buying - Belgium

open market place

The inventory of,,,, and is available via Rubicon Project and AppNexus, our Sell Side Platforms. These platforms offer our online inventory in an open market place and in private market places.

The open market place is an open auction that is available to every advertiser. Within this open market place you can only purchase Run or Network.

Programmatic buying - Belgium

Private market places

In addition to a standard open market, De Persgroep also offers diverse opportunities via so-called private market places. These are targeting opportunities that can be customised for you. This will make your campaign even more effective and you’ll profit from extra advantages compared to the open market place.

Private market places offer you targeting opportunities like large sizes, priority, sticky formats and targeting on data segments. In order to target on one of these private market places you must have a Deal ID. You want to request a Deal ID? Send an email to