Regional brands

The Netherlands Regional Brands

Our regional newspapers are deeply rooted in their specific region and therefore they have an exceptional relation with their readers. Our regional brands bring news, close to home, which results in a high involvement of their readers. Our regional brands have gained a firm number one position in their region because of their relevance. Appreciation and trust also reflects on the advertisers.

Our regional newsbrands bringing relevance in the daily live of people living on the countryside. The editors write about what’s going on ‘around the corner’.  Regional, independent and veracious. The weekly &Magazine inspires readers for the weekend. With more background stories, interview, weekend activities en good photograpy. &Magazine lets the weekend begin! One magazine spread with all the titels, with a regional section. In short a gift for the readers and a stylish umfeld for your ads. Our regional brands offer an attractive targetgroup. Reach our readers with combined titels all together or deeply into one specific region with a selected strong brand. 

Our regional brands

  • Brabants Dagblad
  • BN DeStem
  • De Gelderlander
  • de Stentor
  • Eindhovens Dagblad
  • PZC
  • Tubantia
  • &Magazine

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